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The Ping-Pong® Vortex table tennis bat is equipped with both 'Shoxtube' and 'Power Balance' technologies.


An anatomic Italian composite handle with 'Shoxtube' makes for better precision shots and timing, whilst inverted pips create maximum spring action and surface against the ball.


Meanwhile the 5-ply wooden blade with 'Power Balance' is ideal for better racket control.


Both these combined infuse it with exceptional power, speed and control.


The composite tube insert in the unique sky blue handle greatly reduces vibration when hitting the ball.


The Vortex is ideally suited for players with intermediate experience looking to improve to the next level and increase their skills.



  • Perfect for intermediate player who is learning to add skill to each shot
  • Anatomic Italian composite handle with Shoxtube for better precision
  • Inverted pips create maximum spring action and surface against the ball
  • 5-ply wooden blade with PowerBalance for better racket control
  • Composite tube insert in handle greatly reduces vibration
Strenght Quality Performance

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