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The Gorilla Training Speed Vision is an essential tool for all athletes and their coaches to be able to record and analysis their performance, speed, style and overall improve their performance.  This portable performance tool is easy to use with the radar featuring a bright LED Display (can easily be seen from a distance); high speed range from 3mph to 299mph (5kph to 480kph) and speed can be viewed in either MPH or KPH.  The built in camera features a 2.0 mega pixel CMOS-Sensor; 150" HD wide-angle lens, 4GB micro SD card.  This can all be managed via a remote control wrist band (wireless) from up to 18 meters away.  Includes a tripod with telescopic legs and a carry bag.  Suitable for all sports from football, rugby, handball, table tennis, tennis, cricket, badminton, athletics and general training.


Strenght Quality Performance

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